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NBS Microsoft Teams Front Row Video Sharing

Meet Eye-To-Eye with Microsoft Teams Front Row

Do you ever wish your remote team meeting was just as engaging as it is when you are all in the room together? The latest videoconferencing experience from Microsoft can do just that. As more companies adopt a hybrid work model, it’s important to redesign the workplace with collaboration and connection in mind.

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NBS Neocon 2023 Featured Products

NeoCon Trends 2023: Color, Comfort and Collaboration

NeoCon is the most popular event of the year for the commercial interior design industry, showcasing the latest and greatest from hundreds of leading furniture, textile and floorcovering manufacturers. This event never fails to “wow” us by exposing us to the most inspiring and innovative workplace solutions and trends.

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5 Ways to Draw People to the Workplace

Top 5 Ways to Draw People to the Workplace

Organizations today are focusing on how to attract and retain top talent, keep their people happy, and inspire them to work from the office instead of at home. One way to achieve this is by creating an engaging, comfortable and modern workplace that gets people excited about coming to their work environment.

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NBS Experience 2023 Theme

A Year of Sharing Our Talents & Celebrating Our Culture

While each NBS team member works from the same organization and may have similar roles, our range of personal experiences, journeys, skills and personalities help shape who we are as individuals and what we bring to the company. Our one-of-a-kind company culture is a direct result of our amazing people.

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NBS T1V Interior Integrator

NBS Interior Integration: One Company, Amazing Results

Ever walk into a space and think “wow”? Amazing spaces like that don’t just happen; it takes knowledgeable experts who understand the nuances of interior spaces and how people interact within them. Creating functional, inspiring and productive spaces is a complex process, but NBS makes everything come together seamlessly.

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Rose Moving & Storage

Relocation Made Easy with Rose Moving & Storage

Many of us have experienced the stresses of moving, transporting our belongings, or simply running out of storage space. Thanks to NBS’s strategic partnership with Rose Moving & Storage, these troubles can be put to rest. Whether you’re looking to store or move your furniture, we’ve got you covered.

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Compelling, technology-enabled workplaces will help people innovate, collaborate and communicate.

Technology and the Future of Work: What You Need to Know

Today, organizations are taking intentional steps toward creating compelling, technology-enabled workplaces to keep up with the needs and expectations of employees. The future of work requires instant communication, enhanced connectivity, interactive digital experiences, and even components that support employee wellbeing and productivity.

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NBS Hybrid Learning

Rethinking Classrooms for Improved Hybrid Learning

It’s no doubt that the physical classroom we once knew has changed the last couple of years, and for many, it’s been hard to keep up with. Students and educators felt confused and overwhelmed after the classroom suddenly switched from completely physical to fully virtual.

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NBS 2022 Inspired

A Year of Being Inspired & Celebrating Our Passions

While the past couple of years have been difficult for most of us, we all have something that has kept us going each and every day. Despite all the struggles we’ve faced, we had time to figure out what we love doing, pick up new hobbies and realize who means the most to us.

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NBS Pilot Space

Pilot Workspaces Make Change a Little Less Scary

When thinking of entirely redesigning a space, organizations typically are hesitant because of the time and money that need to be invested. Thanks to pilot spaces and prototypes, organizations can test out new applications and products on a small scale to start.

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Spread Some Joy & Shop Local This Holiday Season

Shopping small and local this year is more important than ever. Supporting the creative and dedicated small business owners in our communities is our opportunity to invest back in our neighbors while giving this holiday season. Our small business gift guide offers ideas for where to shop in each of our NBS regions.

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