NBS Sparrow Hospital Portfolio Smith Group

Sparrow Hospital

The Gathering Place, a Picture of Health Modern work environments bear little resemblance to those of 10 or 15 years ago. Consider the lunchroom. It used to be a place to eat. Now it’s a place to connect, collaborate, relax and recharge. The Gathering Place at Sparrow goes even further. Previously, the cafeteria was a […]

NBS Showroom, Clawson

Connect and Collaborate. A Context for Success. There’s a lot to admire about a startup culture… the passion, the personality, the “anything-is-possible” thinking. Can those same qualities be cultivated anywhere? The renovated NBS Showroom in Clawson demonstrates the ability to apply that same energy and excitement to an established organization. As a showroom and workplace, […]

Walsh College, Troy

Business School Passes With Flying Colors Teamwork is at the heart of knowledge work, so it’s not surprising that the education field would adapt best practices to enable it. For Walsh College, that meant creating environments that would promote engagement, creative thinking and collaboration – not just for today, but well into the future for […]

NBS Great Lakes Bay Region Showroom

Creating a Place Where People Do Their Best Work What happens when a growing, forward-looking commercial interiors firm commits to building a new office space for itself? The most innovative ideas are put to the test. Walk through the front doors of the new Great Lakes Bay Region showroom and it radiates creativity, in both […]

DMC Children’s Hospital,

The Healing Power of Place How do you turn a sterile clinical setting into a calming, optimistic healing environment for kids? DMC, along with architects from HED, developed some innovative plans. This giant Lego-looking building is a stroke of design genius inspired by what kids thought a hospital should look like: happy and definitely not […]

Urban Science

The Drive to Innovate By inventing new methodologies to mine data for their automotive clients, Urban Science has become a model for innovative thinking. So it’s no surprise they’d want to meld rigorous thinking about how workplaces work with innovative space planning. Applying those two concepts is at the core of NBS’ expertise. To maximize […]

Michigan Pneumatic Tool

Tooling Up for Growth When Michigan Pneumatic Tool (MPT) decided to create a new corporate headquarters, an important objective was to create a state-of-the-art workspace that properly reflected the company’s dynamic culture. High on their priorities list was a workspace that supports organic collaboration. To accomplish this, we engaged all of our NBS divisions to […]

The Wellbridge Group
Rehabilitation and Nursing Care

The Road to Recovery Never Looked Better At the forefront of modern healthcare, patient satisfaction is a priority. One area that’s gaining attention is the impact of the physical environment on patient outcomes and satisfaction. Nowhere is that more clear than at WellBridge. Walk through the front doors and you feel the warmth and welcome. […]

La-Z-Boy, Corporate Headquarters

A Place That Works for Everyone It’s an age-old office formula. Everyone is assigned a desk and we all plug along while waiting for inspiration to strike. Or we used to. Now La-Z-Boy, along with Steelcase’s Applied Research & Consulting (ARC), has transformed that model with striking results. Their process began with workshops, interviews and […]


A User Experience That Attracts Innovative Thinkers When it comes to recruiting knowledge workers these days, there’s plenty of competition for the best and the brightest. It’s one reason why creating just the right environment has become as important to talent acquisition as it is to creating a culture of innovation. The LLamasoft offices are […]

Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers

Strategy for Growth: Stay True to Your Roots Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers (ALF) has a lot in common with the farmers they serve: a steadfast Midwest work ethic, reliability and the ingenuity to get the job done. Honoring tradition while looking forward are hallmarks of the company. So when ALF commissioned a new headquarters, the challenge […]

Office of Tomorrow

An Office Opens Up to New Ideas For more than 35 years, Humantech has counseled some of the world’s leading businesses on the role of ergonomics in workplace performance. As business improvement experts, expectations were understandably high when they turned their focus inward. That’s when the Office of Tomorrow was born. Knowledge sharing has become […]

Health Alliance Plan
Tower 14 HAP Building

Changing Spaces to “Insure” Better Results Workspace design is a powerful, culture-shaping tool. Increasingly, organizations are using it to create real competitive advantages, in part by attracting the best and the brightest. The renovated HAP workplace is designed to do just that. So how do you make a workspace that attracts and engages top talent? […]

Sparrow Health System
IT Department

A Workplace With Collective Intelligence As a leader in healthcare, Sparrow values innovation and achieving the best results in everything they do. So when it came time to create a new workplace for their IT department several priorities emerged that were in line with those values. Creating a more engaging environment that would enhance collaboration […]

Lansing Community College,
Gannon Building

Comfort Zones That Help Students Succeed After four years of planning and renovation, the revitalized Gannon Building delivers on a strategic vision for how to engage students and build a strong academic community. Home to admissions, financial aid and academic advising, as well as being a social hub with its student commons and food court, […]

Lansing Community College,
Arts & Sciences Building

Making the College Experience Exceptional When schools function as passive learning environments, the educational experience can suffer. Lansing Community College (LCC) on the other hand, is a textbook example in how to engage and inspire students. To launch their visionary Building Forward initiative LCC retained Steelcase’s Applied Research & Consulting group to conduct research and […]

St. Luke’s Hospital,
Emergency Room

New ER Gets a Clean Bill of Health St. Luke’s has been a cherished Toledo-area institution for generations. But after more than 40 years in its current location, the busy ER wasn’t keeping pace with the demands of modern healthcare. Two issues were most important: without room to expand, the existing space had to operate […]

Bowling Green State University,
Olscamp Hall

New School of Thought Redefines the Classroom Classrooms everywhere are undergoing dramatic changes meant to revitalize the teaching and learning experience. Nowhere is this more apparent than at Bowling Green State University (BGSU). Their “Traditions to Tomorrow” initiative is a visionary plan to reconfigure the learning space for improved outcomes. The age-old educational model that […]

Flint and Genesee Chamber of Commerce

Banking on an Interesting Space As old bank buildings go, few have fared better than this one. What once was dated and dowdy has been transformed into bright and buzzy for an organization whose mission is to promote the community and build a strong business environment. The building, as they say, had good bones — […]

La-Z-Boy Pilot Project, Corporate Headquarters

Space Exploration: Discovering Better Ways to Work If there’s one thing La-Z-Boy knows, it’s how to make people comfortable. Now, after decades of creating iconic furniture that is popular around the world, La-Z-Boy turned its attention to its own house, or in this case, its new corporate offices. La-Z-Boy determined a shift in the organization’s […]

NBS Lansing Showroom

Walking the Walk: Workspace Strategies in Action What does space have to do with innovation and productivity? It’s a good question. As organizations look for new ways to compete more effectively, that question is becoming increasingly important. New research points to real estate as a critically important, though often underutilized asset. So what better place […]

Central Michigan University
College of Medicine, Administrative Offices

Cure for the Common Office Cube In developing a new workspace for this med school’s administration, several issues emerged as top priorities. Shared space was important to enhance collaboration and the learning experience. Flexibility was also important to support a mobile staff travelling from adjunct campuses in neighboring cities. And clean, open sight lines were […]

NBS Toledo Showroom

Toledo Transformation: Bygone Building Gets Modern Makeover When it comes to character this former electric company showroom in Toledo’s trending Warehouse District has it in spades. Case in point? Vintage oak floors, terracotta brick walls, massive timber beams and tooled sheet metal all contribute to its cool urban vibe. Following a gut-renovation by Thomas Porter […]

Airfoil Public Relations

Speak Easy: How Better Communications Inspires Better Ideas When it was time to update Airfoil’s office to reflect their thriving business in high-tech PR, one priority was to incorporate the latest communication and presentation technology. The goal was to enhance collaboration between colleagues and clients, often in remote locations. And no one knows workplace collaboration […]